Frequently Asked Questions

Who provides water services in our area and where can I pay my water bills?

Water and sewer services are proviced by ONWASA. The Town Hall serves as a satellite office for ONWASA where you can pay your water bills and address most of your account needs. 

When is my garbage and recycling collected?

Garbage is picked up every Thursday and each resident is required to utilize the Town’s garbage cans, which are provided to each resident upon the start of water service.  Residential curbside recycling is available every other Thursday.  Recycling calendars are available at Town Hall and can also be viewed here.  There is also a dumpster in the back of Town Hall that you can use for your cardboard boxes.  For holiday pickup schedules click here.

Where do I report a problem with streets, grounds, water or sewer?
Streets and grounds are the responsibility of Public Works Director Johnathan Jarman.  If you have a public works need, please contact Town Hall at 910-324-3301.  Your concern, complaint or need will be promptly directed to the appropriate Public Works staff. Water and sewer services are provided by ONWASA, but you can report problems through Town Hall.
Does my dog have to be on a leash?
Please note that Richlands has a leash law, which requires dogs to be leashed or properly contained on your property at all times, and will be enforced.  Dogs found roaming in the town not under the owner’s control will be placed in the county pound and the dog owner will be cited.
What is the population of the Town of Richlands?

As of August 2020, the population of Richlands is 2290.

Who is responsible for governing the Town of Richlands?
Richlands is governed by a five member Board of Aldermen and a separately elected Mayor.The Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at Town Hall.  If you wish to be placed on the Board Meeting Agenda, please contact the Town Administrator no later than four days prior to the scheduled Board Meeting.
Who is responsible for running the day to day operations of Richlands?
The day to day operations of the town are handled by Town Administrator Gregg Whitehead.  If you have a complaint or need, the Town Administrator is available at the Town Hall, which is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.